005: Patience, Persistence, and Perseverance – The Selway Family Foundation with Daniel Hayes

The Selway Family Foundation provides tailored services and mentorship to the people they serve.
Daniel Hayes, an impressive athlete with a kind and giving heart, is a Middleweight Champion. In his senior year of high school, Daniel was recruited to play basketball for several NCAA Division 1 and 2 schools and is currently on his Olympic quest. In this episode, Rob and Daniel sit down to discuss The Selway Family Foundation and why Daniel has such a strong connection to this charity, which focuses on three key areas for the community.

Key Takeaways:

[4:05] What is The Selway Family Foundation about?
[5:50] Why is the foundation focused on prison rehabilitation?
[9:50] Selway Family Foundation also works with animals. Daniel discusses what the foundation does in this particular area.
[11:25] Daniel talks about what Selway Family Foundation does at the core – helping at-risk youth.
[13:20] The program provides mentors for these promising students to help them succeed.
[16:25] Despite being involved in other charities, Daniel feels a strong connection with the foundation due to their tailored approach.
[17:00] Why did Daniel get involved in charities?
[20:25] You need to put in work in order to make things happen for yourself.
[21:25] There are just so many ways to get involved in a charity.
[24:25] The main strength of the Selway Family Foundation is that they tailor their services to the individual.
[26:50] Daniel talks about the LeBron James Family Foundation.
[29:20] You can learn so many life lessons from playing in team sports.
[30:35] What advice would Daniel give to those who want to get started in a charity?
[30:45] It’s easy to throw money at something, but you can do so much more in a charity.
[33:10] This is why you need to listen to this podcast and get to know the different charities you can be involved in.

Mentioned in This Episode:



“By customizing the prison reform program for each person, it gives them the best chance to stay out of prison.”

“At the end of the day, that’s what charity is. You’re giving back and changing somebody’s life.”
“I never really had a mentor growing up. So, I’ve made every mistake in the book.”

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