009: Educated in All the Wrong Ways – Pencils of Promise with John Lee Dumas

Find out how this entrepreneur successfully funded three schools through his Kickstarter campaign.

John Lee Dumas is the founder and host of Entrepreneur On Fire (EOFire), a top ranked business podcast where he interviews amazing entrepreneurs 7-days a week. On this episode, John tells his story on how he ran a Kickstarter campaign to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals and give back to his charity of choice, Pencils of Promise, all at the same time. Remember, there’s more than one way you can give back.

Key Takeaways:

[3:15] Who is John?

[5:25] Through his Kickstarter campaign, John has already built three schools with the money raised.

[6:50] Why is John so passionate about education?

[7:35] John believes he was educated in all the wrong areas.

[9:35] Tony Robbins spoke on John’s show about giving back.

[10:50] It doesn’t take a lot to vastly improve people’s lives.

[11:00] For only $25,000, you can build a school in a community that had no school before.

[12:05] How was Pencils of Promise founded?

[13:10] No act of kindness is insignificant.

[14:45] Be sure to share this message and podcast with other people you know.

[15:10] How can people get involved with Pencils of Promise?

[17:10] Find a cause that makes you proud to even talk about it.

Mentioned in This Episode:








“A certain portion of every single one of the sales of the Freedom Journal is going to Pencils of Promise.”


“If we can just give the gift of education to people in developing countries, what can’t you learn on the Internet?”


“It doesn’t take a lot to vastly improve people’s lives.”

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