011: Breaking Common Myths About Foster Children – Stephan Spencer

Stephan talks on how you can make a difference in the foster care system.

Stephan Spencer is a successful entrepreneur and a 3-time author. Growing up in foster care as a young child and faced with some harsh myths, Stephan busts some of those myths and tells us how to help a foster child near us. You do not always have to adopt a child in order to make a difference; there are plenty of other ways you can give back without taking a child into your home.

Key Takeaways:

[4:10] Stephan was able to get President Carter to blog for the first time in 2004.

[5:10] Stephan believes in giving back in a way where it hurts. He explains what he means by that.

[6:25] Very few people know this about Stephan, but he grew up as a foster child.

[13:10] Stephan talks about common foster care myths he’s faced in his life.

[20:40] Stephan has been involved with the Foresight Institute for well over a decade.

[21:30] There’s two types of sharing – reactive sharing and proactive sharing.

[24:25] The foster care system is broken.

[25:20] People believe children in the foster care system have medical or behavioral needs that make them difficult to manage. This is not true!

[25:40] Another big myth about foster children is that they are underachievers.

[26:55] It’s still possible to thrive after leaving the foster care system.

[27:25] Stephan talks about the C.A.R.E formula.

[28:45] The requirements are simple to be a foster parent.

[31:35] If you’re interested in finding out more, please visit Stephan at www.stephanspencer.com.

[34:10] Final thoughts? Lead by example.

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“If I’m making a big donation so that I can get a tax break, that’s reactive sharing.”

“The blessings come when you don’t have an attachment to getting something in return.”

“Even if you’re unable to take a kid into your home, you can still give generously and help save a kid’s life.”


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