012: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty through Education – Hope Partnership for Education with Dr. Laura Sicola

Hope Partnership for Education focuses on bringing different layers of education to at-risk youth, in Philadelphia.

Dr. Laura Sicola is a leadership communication expert, coach, speaker, and linguist. She is the founder of Vocal Executive Presence (VEP) and talks about her involvement with the Hope Partnership for Education charity on this episode. Hope Partnership for Education focuses on about 15 kids per grade, providing them with education beyond the classroom. The charity also provides night education classes for adults and is actively working to break the vicious cycle of poverty, by providing adults and parents with real-life work skills. If you’re in the Philadelphia area, be sure to check out what Hope Partnership for Education offers to its at-risk youth and consider the many ways you can help.

Key Takeaways:

[4:05] Dr. Laura discusses the charity, Hope Partnership for Education.

[5:40] Hope Partnership for Education helps children in the poorest zip code of Philadelphia.

[6:20] Less than 50% of all high school students, ever graduate in this area.

[7:40] Despite those odds, Hope Partnership for Education has turned that number on its head, and 95% of their supported students end up graduating.

[9:20] This charity understands what poverty does to people and they have other programs in place to support the community.

[10:30] You need to have parents who are employable.

[13:45] It’s not just about academics either. Children need other experiences beyond school, like field trips, gardening, dance, and more.

[15:10] What allows this charity to be so successful is that the school itself is so small. They have about 15 students per grade.

[15:25] These at-risk kids need more personal and hands-on attention than most children.

[16:10] Rob grew up in a good school area and sometimes he takes his education for granted.

[17:00] If you’re in the Philadelphia area, volunteer and help these kids!

[17:30] Who is Dr. Laura? What’s her background?

[19:45] What is Dr. Laura currently working on now with Hope Partnership For Education.

[23:45] Dr. Laura talks about the executive director, Dr. Rose.

[27:45] So, how can you personally help the charity?

[28:45] The charity was founded by two Catholic nuns, but it is not a Catholic school. It is open to all, regardless of your sexual orientation, race, faith, or background.

[31:20] If you cannot volunteer your time, please consider other ways to help this charity. Dr. Laura explains ways you can give back beyond your personal time.

[33:00] Advocate for your own local public schools to make sure they get the resources they need.

[37:15] If you’re interested in establishing a program similar to this, listen here.

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“In this neighborhood, less than 50% of all students ever graduate high school in the first place.”

“Part of why Hope Partnership is so successful, is that it is a very small school. There’s about 15 students per grade.”

“Hope Partnership was established by two Catholic nuns, but it is not a Catholic school. It is open to all.”

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