013: Adult Rehabilitation and Work Therapy – Salvation Army with Ajay Prasad

Salvation Army offers a variety of different programs, one of them being adult rehabilitation.

Ajay Prasad is a successful entrepreneur and business strategist, with a plethora of experience in helping small and medium size businesses maximize their return on investment from the Internet. On this episode, Ajay speaks about his charity of choice, The Salvation Army. He shares why volunteering was one of the best life experiences he gained as a young adult in college and how it helped him succeed in the corporate world. He also talks about some of the work rehabilitation challenges the Salvation Army is currently facing with a changing digital economy.

Key Takeaways:

[3:20] Ajay is a big believer in getting everyone a job.

[4:25] Ajay is a first generation immigrant.

[5:55] How did volunteering start for Ajay?

[8:30] Back in India, if you were born disabled, then tough luck to you. Ajay was surprised organizations like The Salvation Army even existed.

[9:35] Salvation Army will give people jobs in their stores to help them develop stable work.

[14:25] When someone leaves the Salvation Army, it’s a time of celebration. They’ve gained their confidence back and learned productive work skills they can use in the future.

[17:35] Just by being a volunteer, Ajay has learned some important life skills which have helped him in the corporate field.

[20:20] What has really helped Ajay in life? When he worked at the Salvation Army cafeteria and was forced to talk to every single person who came in.

[22:40] The main benefit of Salvation Army is they get people who have lost their way and they teach them how to become productive and working citizens again.

[24:45] Ajay believes Salvation Army needs to work on their marketing and to bring more awareness to what it is that they do.

[27:50] Will the Salvation Army manage to train people for the digital economy?

[33:00] You can always donate money, but the goal needs to be bigger.

[36:30] Have questions for Ajay? Feel free to reach out to him at www.gmrwebteam.com.

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“The experience I got was fantastic, because I became more comfortable with people.”

“After volunteering for Salvation Army, I was totally comfortable talking to anyone.”

“Our world may be getting smaller, but the diversity of people we interact with is actually growing.”


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