017: Giving Back Isn’t Just a Mental Thing – Michael Goncalves

There are several reasons why giving back not only impacts those you serve, but serves you as well.

Michael Goncalves is a fitness coach and the founder of The Wellness Bucket. At a very young age, Michael discovered the power of giving back and has been hooked ever since. A big supporter of the Jimmy V Foundation, Michael shares his background story which led him to believe so passionately about eradicating cancer for good. You don’t have to move a mountain overnight, but giving small amounts of charity does go a long, long way to making an impact.

Key Takeaways:

[4:20] How did Michael get started in charity?

[5:40] You don’t have to give money in order to make an impact. You can donate your time.

[5:55] Giving has always fulfilled Michael.

[7:25] Giving your time to someone else in need is not just a mental thing; it also provides benefits to you physically.

[10:05] Michael firmly believes there’s a higher power at play when you give.

[12:30] How did Michael get involved with the Jimmy V foundation?

[18:15] When Michael lost his dad to cancer, he was angry for a while.

[19:05] It’s not the amount of money you give, it’s often just the gesture.

[23:25] What’s next for Michael?

[28:15] Keep believing in people, because if you can change one life, there’s a good chance you’ll impact another one.

[33:00] You don’t need to have big goals in order to give back. Start small! Every little bit helps.

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Email: Mike@TheWellnessBucket.com



Jimmy V’s 1993 ESPY Speech


“It’s not the amount, it’s the gesture.”

“The secret to living is giving.”

“You don’t give to get, you give to give.”

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