018: It’s the Little Things That Count – Fanny Slater

Did you know just $1 US dollar can feed 10 hungry children?

Fanny Slater is a plate licker, storyteller, and winner of Rachael Ray’s Great American Cookbook Competition.  Fanny has appeared regularly on the Rachael Ray show and has her own cookbook titled, Orange, Lavender & Figs.  Her mission is to feed starving children. Through Rachael Ray’s charity, Yum-O, Fanny talks about how the smallest contributions can make the biggest of differences.

Key Takeaways:

[3:05] Fanny talks about how she started giving back.

[6:55] What is Yum-o?

[8:35] Did you know that $1 dollar can feed 10 hungry kids?

[10:20] Rob talks about Tony Robbin’s goal to deliver 100 million meals.

[11:50] Fanny feels honored that she was able to work with Rachael Ray on this charity.

[17:05] How has Fanny’s family values shaped her as a person?

[20:15] What’s next for Fanny?

[23:10] A common misconception is that you’re feeding people bad food that you couldn’t sell to customers, but that’s not true at all.

[25:35] Simple acts of giving back every day does build your character.

[27:25] How can people get in touch with Fanny?

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Orange, Lavender & Figs by Fanny Slater



“One dollar donation will feed ten hungry children.”

“It’s wonderful to know that you can help out and you don’t have to do it in a huge giant way.”

“Give without expecting anything back.”


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