021: All People Matter – Wounded Warrior Project with Mike Muhney

Mike Muhney has tremendous respect for our military because they’ve volunteered their life to keep the country safe.

Mike Muhney is the CEO and Co-Founder of VIPorbit Software International. He is also the Co-Founder and Co-inventor of ACT!™. Mike is a big supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project because he believes our servicemen and women have made the ultimate contribution by volunteering their lives, not their money, for this country. There is no other charitable contribution that can top the willingness to give up your own life for a safer future.

Key Takeaways:

[3:55] How did the idea for VIPorbit Software International first come about?

[7:15] What is the company’s mission statement/relations statement?

[10:00] No matter what, people matter.

[14:15] Rob is shy on social media because he wants to be sure the right message gets out there.
[16:25] How does Mike think about his ‘people matter’ statement outside of a work environment?

[17:20] Why is Mike so passionate about supporting the Wounded Warrior Project?

[27:05] Servicemen and women who have volunteered and served our country have made the ultimate contribution.

[29:55] Mike shares a personal story he experienced about a dead solider traveling back to Chicago.

[36:35] When we act purposely, that act, no matter how small, turns into a big gesture.

[41:00] At the end of the day, it’s not abut the organization, it’s about how you’re leading your life.

[43:25] Mike breaks down the three Ps on how to view relationships.

[47:20] Feel free to reach out to Mike!

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Mass Influence by Teresa de Grosbois


“The ordinary person is the one that does the extra ordinary things.”

“If you treat people like a VIP, they’re going to keep you close to them.”

“People matter.”

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