024: Take a Moment and Listen to Someone Else – #DoSomethingForNothing with Josh Coombes

You can make the world as decent as you want it to be. You do have the power to create change.

Josh Coombes is a hairdresser that could no longer turn a blind eye to the homeless in his city. He knew giving spare change and ignoring them for the rest of his day was not the best way to uplift and help them. Josh did what he knew he could do best and began giving homeless people in his area free haircuts. He started the hashtag #DoSomethingForNothing on social media, a movement born from the idea that we are all able to do something for someone―

for nothing. In turn, Josh has inspired people all over the world to give back for absolutely nothing.

Key Takeaways:

[2:30] How did Josh get into cutting hair? Did he always want to be a hairdresser?

[4:10] Rob talks about his personal hairdresser.

[7:10] You can really take a load off someone by just listening.

[8:20] Josh wanted to help homeless individuals in a bigger way than just giving spare change.

[11:40] Josh travels all over to give homeless people haircuts.

[21:05] There are many ways you can give back. Josh talks about a lady who is giving zumba classes to the local rehab clinic. Simple acts like this can go a long way.

[24:35] What Josh is doing has inspired people all over the world to give back.

[31:05] Josh is doing this to bring awareness as well as to bring comparison to those who are less fortunate.

[34:55] Rob talks about John Lee Dumas’s Freedom Journal.

[37:10] What is Rob currently doing with #DoSomethingforNothing?

[42:25] Josh talks on why he posts his good deeds on social media. It’s not for his ego!

[46:00] You have a lot of influence on social media.

[50:30] Josh hasn’t been happier since he started helping others.

[52:20] What are Rob’s plans for the future?

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The Freedom Journal






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