025: Ways to Tackle Our Youth Unemployment Problem – JA Worldwide with Asheesh Advani

There is a worldwide desire to mentor our younger generation and help them succeed.

Asheesh Advani is the President & CEO of JA Worldwide, a global non-profit providing fundamental education for youth in three critical areas: Entrepreneurship, Work Readiness, and Financial Literacy. Located in over 100 countries, JA Worldwide is educating more than 10 million young people every year. Having been in existence for over 100 years, they are one of the largest global NGOs around. How have they been able to reach out on such a global level through the decades? Tune in to find out on today’s show!

Key Takeaways:

[3:00] What is JA Worldwide and what do they do?

[6:10] JA Worldwide is located in over 100 countries. How do they define what youth unemployment is?

[8:15] How have the changes in economy and technology helped JA Worldwide with their mission?

[10:35] JA Worldwide is organized in three pillars: Entrepreneurship, Work Readiness, and Financial Literacy.

[10:50] When Asheesh was in his teens, he went through the entrepreneurship program.

[14:25] Teachers love what JA is doing, because they’re bringing real-world experience to their students.

[16:50] JA mentors and educates over 10 million young people a year.

[17:20] There’s no shortage of motivation from Asheesh’s volunteers.

[17:35] Asheesh shares an important story about the time he visited Gabon and the impact his company made on the children there.

[22:20] Asheesh went to the JA competition in Romania three weeks ago with his family, and talks about the entrepreneurial spirit over there.

[25:35] Every parent sees the benefit of teaching these three important pillars of information.

[28:45] How has JA been able to reach so many people? What is their model?

[31:00] Asheesh shares his thoughts on why most non-profits fail, especially on a global scale.

[32:45] How can you volunteer? JA has chapters all over the world.

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