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The simple act of compassion can go a very long way.

Jeffrey Goodman is an international business advisor who incorporates innovative practices into thriving mid-sized companies. Having a different approach to charity, Jeffrey understands that giving back is an act of selfishness, an act we do for ourselves, so how can we make this journey beneficial for everyone involved? Giving a couple of dollars might make you feel good, but how can you leverage it to a completely different level? Jeffrey explores these concepts on the show and shares the perfect example of how you can impact someone positively, even if they’ve impacted you negatively.

Key Takeaways:

[2:40] Jeffrey approaches charity a bit differently.

[3:35] What’s Jeffrey’s background?

[6:50] How does Jeffrey personally help his clients?

[9:15] Jeffrey shares a story about the hacker who hacked him.

[17:00] Through the use of compassion, Jeffrey’s hacker worked on his website for three days to undo the damage of what the hacker restoration company did.

[19:30] Jeffrey has now developed a friendship with this 13-year-old hacker, who lives in Algeria.

[21:15] It was an incredibly stressful week for Jeffrey leading up to the hacking, but at the end of the day, it’s about how you show up.

[24:05] How is Jeffrey giving back right now? Where is his focus?

[24:40] Everything we do in life, we do it selfishly. We do it for ourselves. So, how can we leverage this for good?

[28:15] You don’t have anything to give? That’s wrong. You have so, so much to give.

[30:20] The hacker’s father only makes $7,000 a year.

[33:30] Rob believes there are no small acts of kindness. They’re all significant. They’re all important.

[36:20] It’s important to be very mindful of what you’re doing in the process, and how you are actively helping.

[40:25] Rob and Jeffrey talk about the man behind Raising Men Lawn Care Service.

[43:25] Are you in the tech field? Do you have ideas on how you can help this young hacker make an impact in a positive way? Let Jeffrey know!

[46:05] How can you help someone help someone else?

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