027: A New Approach to Housing Homeless People – Second Wind Cottages with Carmen Guidi

There are a multitude of challenges that homeless people face and the options out there don’t always provide the best support.

Carmen Guidi lived a very sheltered life. He had everything he ever needed, yet he still found himself miserable. One day, Carmen had a spiritual transformation and through discovering himself, he discovered the power of giving back. When he volunteered for the first time in the US, he was shocked to find that there was a homeless community, only miles away from where he lived. Carmen believes giving back is his duty and his duty to God, which is one of the reasons why he started Second Wind Cottages to help homeless individuals.

Key Takeaways:

[3:40] How did Carmen get into volunteering?

[5:00] Carmen experienced a spiritual transformation.

[6:40] Carmen took a trip to Haiti for ten days to help build an orphanage.

[7:35] It blew Carmen away when he found out there were homeless people living in Ithaca.

[14:20] Why does Carmen ask the men to volunteer? Is it to give them purpose?

[16:40] What was the reason behind sitting and talking with these homeless men?

[18:00] Carmen had food and a roof over his head, he grew up with much more than most people, yet he was miserable.

[18:40] Carmen wholeheartedly believes man’s greatest need is God.

[22:05] When did Carmen decide to start Second Wind Cottages?

[26:30] Sarah makes a guest appearance!

[30:55] Second Wind Cottages also helps women, but in a different location.

[32:45] How do Carmen and his whole team keep their energy up and sustain themselves?

[36:00] When you put God first, everything else falls into place.

[36:55] Carmen wants to lead by example. He does not want his children or the future generation to grow up selfish.

[37:10] How does Sarah sustain herself in this very demanding line of work?

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