028: Take Ownership of the Story You Tell Yourself ‒ Ronald McDonald House with Tom Scarda

You have to erase the head-trash that’s stored in your head.

Tom Scarda is a successful business owner, dynamic speaker, and the author of two books, Franchise Savvy and The Magic of Choosing Uncertainty. Tom has been named one of the top 50 business leaders in Long Island, by Long Island Business News. On this episode, Tom admits he has a passion for two things, children and dogs―one of the reasons why he became a board member at the Ronald McDonald House. Tom also discusses some creative ways to fundraise and why getting rid of your head-trash will help you to succeed.

Key Takeaways:

[2:40] How did Tom get started?

[4:20] Tom was able to semi-retire at 41-years-old.

[5:15] After being involved with the Ronald McDonald House charity, Tom found out that McDonald’s had very little involvement in the charity.

[6:15] Tom has a passion for two things, children and dogs.

[8:50] Why did Tom make the jump from being a volunteer to being a board member?

[12:30] Tom noticed a majority of the Ronald McDonald House board members were actively using the charity in some way. Tom was one of the few exceptions where he did not need the House and their services.

[13:50] What kind of things does Tom and the other board members do to fundraise?

[21:55] When facing uncertainty, just take small baby steps towards it.

[24:40] Tom is very open about his failures and shares a story on what happened to him when he purchased his second franchise.

[28:55] What are some of Tom’s affirmations?

[33:00] You have the choice of moving in a direction that’s from a place of fear or a place of want.

[36:10] Why do people fail in business?

[38:15] You’re six inches away from whatever you want. What does Tom mean by this?

[40:10] Tom tells a story about the Walking Dead cast and their charitable contribution.

[45:00] Tom talks on how he plans to help veterans with the proceeds from his book sales.

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Email: Tom@tomscarda.com

The Magic of Choosing Uncertainty by Tom Scarda

Franchise Savvy by Tom Scarda

Lifes Golden Ticket by Brendon Burchard











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