029: I’m Young and I’m Able - Raising Men Lawn Care Service with Rodney Smith Jr.

Find out how one young man decided to give back to his community.

Rodney Smith Jr. is from the island of Bermuda and is currently attending college at Alabama A&M University. In September of 2015, Rodney saw an elderly man struggling to cut his lawn. He then challenged himself to cut 100 lawns for those who weren’t physically able to do it themselves or didn’t have the time, like single mothers. This challenge sparked the Raising Men Lawn Care Service and has encouraged young men in the community to help their elderly neighbors with lawn care services.

Key Takeaways:

[4:30] How did Rodney get started?

[8:25] Rodney used to cut lawns in between classes.

[9:55] Raising Men Lawn Care Service now accepts young men between the ages of 7-17 to help cut lawns.

[10:10] Rodney uses the Karate colored-belt system to encourage his young volunteers.

[13:10] How did Rodney get the idea to encourage young men to help the community?

[20:05] Rodney also has chapters all over the U.S.

[25:10] Raising Men Lawn Care Service raised over $56,000.

[29:35] Rodney talks about Briggs & Stratton.

[31:55] What’s next for Rodney?

[32:50] How does Rodney maintain the lawns after he and his volunteers have cut them?

[33:30] Rodney started this in September 2015.

[36:10] How can you help Rodney?

[38:40] It all started with an idea and now it’s grown into something more.

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Raising Men Lawn Care Service on GoFundMe

Email: RaisingMenAlabama@gmail.com


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