032: Dental Care in Haiti – Meharry Medical College with Dr. Laurentis Barnett

Dr. Laurentis helps around 500 patients a week when he visits Haiti. 

Dr. Laurentis Barnett is both a dentist and senior pastor. Every year, since his senior year in highschool, Dr. Laurentis has made a trip to Haiti to provide dental care for those living in rural areas. When he is there, he and other volunteers see about 500 patients a week. Haiti is just the stepping stone, as Dr. Laurentis plans to travel to Guatemala and Honduras to provide the same service to those in need. Listen to Dr. Laurentis’ story to find out how he got started in this week’s episode.

Key Takeaways:

[3:05] Who is Dr. Laurentis and how did he get started?

[7:50] How did traveling to Haiti to offer dental care come about?

[11:45] Dr. Laurentis shares an important story about one of the Haiti trips he took.

[14:45] It’s amazing to watch everyone come together for a cause.

[17:20] We have such a profound need for help in the U.S., why cross the border?

[18:55] What can we do to improve the literacy rate in Haiti?

[22:00] Only 40% of Americans have dental insurance.

[23:35] Your mouth and your body are connected. It’s important to keep both of these healthy.

[25:50] Dr. Laurentis is also the senior pastor for Bethel church.

[28:25] What advice does Dr. Laurentis have on getting started?

[32:00] Bad news tends to travel quicker than good news, but we have to change that.

[33:40] How can we help Dr. Laurentis?

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