033: Diversity in Teams Bears Better Fruit – Orphaned Starfish with Tony Delmercado

Diversity in the workforce plays a huge role, which is why it’s important to support the education of young children from all ethnic backgrounds.

Tony Delmercado is an entrepreneur and COO of Hawke Media, a company that offers tailored solutions to ensure their clients meet budget, expectations, and sales growth. Giving back is a huge part of Tony’s company culture. He and his team regularly contribute to Ocean Park Community Center and Orphaned Starfish. Tony also works with The Fulling, a food truck company on a mission to end hunger in the U.S.

 Key Takeaways:

[2:55] What are some of the charities Tony is involved with?

[5:55] What does Tony do at Hawke Media?

[9:50] Tony talks about the Ocean Park Community Center.

[15:35] Tony has created a company culture that loves to give back to the community.

[20:35] Diversity plays a big part in the health and productivity of the company culture.

[23:45] Both Orphan Starfish and Build.org work with disadvantaged children.

[25:35] Tony talks about The Fulfilling food truck company and the good they’re doing.

[31:35] Sometimes the world’s problems are so big that it’s hard to find a good place to start.

[37:10] You always learn something new when you volunteer.

[38:00] How can we give back?

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