034: Aligning Our Passion With What We Do – Generosity Feeds with Ron Klabunde

Live a productive life full of humility instead of pride.

Ron Klabunde is the Founder and President of Generosity Feeds, a non-profit focused on feeding hungry children in every county throughout America. Generosity Feeds mobilizes local communities to help package 10,000 or more meals in less than 3 hours. Did you know that there are 60,000 starving children in two of the wealthiest counties in the Unites States? Find out more on how you can help end hunger in your own backyard, on this week’s episode.

Key Takeaways:

[4:55] What is Stadia?

[8:25] Most of Ron’s team have full-time jobs, but believe in the work Generosity Feeds is doing. This means a majority of his team is located all over the country.

[11:50] The power of mobilizing people = 10,000 or more meals in 3 hours. Wait, how?

[12:05] What does a typical Generosity Feeds event entail?

[18:20] How was Ron ever going to feed 60,000 starving children in Northern Virginia?

[21:00] Life just works so much better when you work in a field that you’re passionate about.

[22:30] How the Generosity Feeds event in Eugene, Oregon inspired a recipient to pay if forward.

[27:30] Is giving back a selfish act?

[32:40] How Ron chooses to live with humility instead of pride.

[36:45] Ron shares an important story about a buddy of his.

[39:00] Ron’s father-in-law came to the U.S. from Germany with only $200 in his pocket.

[41:35] How to help Generosity Feeds.

[44:50] Feel free to message Ron!

[51:05] It costs $1 for a meal. Only $1 to provide a meal for a child!

[51:55] Ron shares one final story before he goes.

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