035: Take Just One Small Step Towards Doing Something Good — The Marketing Sage with Jeffrey Slater

All you have to do is just help one person. Just one! And then go from there.

Jeffrey Slater has come from a long line of family members who have given back. Jeffrey’s grandfather, an immigrant from Russia, was called the ‘Penny Philanthropist’ by the New York Times when he died in 1996, because he gave $1 to every charity who wrote him back. Jeffery is the Chief Listening Officer of his own company, The Marketing Sage, where he offers consulting services with a charitable twist.

Key Takeaways:

[2:50] Fanny Slater, Jeff’s daughter, has cited Jeff as a major influence in her life.

[8:05] Who is Jeff Jeff Slater?

[13:20] Why the answer is always yes.

[15:20] How Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage taught Jeff an interesting lesson in life.

[18:15] Jeff talks about his business, The Marketing Sage.

[20:55] What have people said about the unique way Jeff is giving back?

[23:05] Is giving back selfish? What does Jeff think?

[25:50] Jeff really believes what you receive is based on what you have put out into the Universe.

[28:30] When your heart is open to new solutions, answers do show up at your doorstep.

[32:25] What advice does Jeff have for those who want to get more involved with charity?

[32:50] All you have to do is just help one person.

[36:25] You can start small, but that shouldn’t discourage you from trying to solve a very, very big issue in the world today.

[37:50] Jeff talks about clarity.fm.

[39:20] What if you spent an hour a week donating your time? Can you imagine the powerful impact that would have?

[41:05] Family is so important. Charity really does start at home.

[44:20] Jeff and Rob talk about Fanny Slater.

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