036: One Good Habit Leads to a Ripple Effect of Good Habits — Impacto Ministries with Jen Hansard

You have to take care of your body first in order for you to better serve others.

Jen Hansard is the Co-founder / Creative Director of Simple Green Smoothies, a website filled with fun green smoothie recipes and meal plans. On this episode, Jen discusses how a simple habit has lead her down an amazing path of giving, and shares the charity work she does with Impacto Ministries and how they’ve become apart of her family. Giving back to those who are less fortunate has changed Jen’s family and inspired them to give back to people in their own community.

Key Takeaways:

[2:35] Why did Jen start Simple Green Smoothies?

[5:50] Rob’s daughter loves making green smoothies.

[8:20] All you have to do is adopt one habit.

[11:40] What is Impacto Ministries and what cause do they support?

[12:40] Impacto Ministries has a program called ‘Happy Tummies’, providing a place where impoverished Guatemalan children can go to get a hot meal after school.

[17:00] Jen was able to go to Guatemala with her husband and her church’s youth group.

[19:00] Imagine going to an after-school program just to get soap.

[22:00] Jen’s first Guatemala trip lasted 9 days.

[26:45] Traveling to Guatemala really changed Jen’s family.

[26:50] Jen shares a story that made her young daughter a more giving person.

[33:00] How else has Impacto changed Jen’s family?

[38:30] You have to take care of the body you have so that you can better serve others.

[40:15] Jen discusses how she raises funds to give back.

[46:10] Jen offers some advice for those who want to make a difference.

[47:00] Giving is not just a one-way street.

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