037: Helping Breast Cancer Survivors in a Unique Way — P.ink Series with Noel Franus (Part 1 of 3)

There’s a huge difference between being cured and being healed.

Noel Franus is the Founder of P.ink, a non-profit dedicated to helping breast cancer survivors make friends with the mirror again after a mastectomy. As Noel says, there’s a difference between being cured from cancer and being fully healed from cancer. Mastectomy tattoos give cancer survivors another way to heal and love their bodies again. This episode is part one out of three for the P.ink series.

Key Takeaways:

[1:20] This episode is part one of three episodes for the P.ink series.

[3:00] What is P.ink?

[5:00] Noel is a guy who has never had cancer, nor breasts, nor tattoos, so what’s he doing here?

[10:55] Through this simple idea, Noel and the women around him have inspired breast cancer survivors all over the world to turn their body into works of art.

[19:25] Women have been sending Noel and his team pictures of their tattooed breasts as well as sharing their cancer survivor stories.

[21:00] Does Noel want to get inked?

[24:00] What is P.ink day?

[29:00] Noel shares a story about Mari, a breast cancer survivor.

[36:45] Dream small. What matters here is the quality of the experience, not quantity.

[43:20] Noel discusses the ‘hit by the bus’ factor.

[47:40] Located in California and want to attend a P.ink day event? Listen in here!

[48:45] How can you help P.ink?

[50:55] If you want to volunteer, be sure to email P.ink directly.

[53:15] P.ink does accept corporate sponsorship.

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Email P.ink: Help@pink.org

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Noel Franus on LinkedIn

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  1. It’s been just over a year since I became a “Uni” as we flat and fab women call ourselves. April was when I got my mastectomy ink. Shane at Garnet is brilliant. I was the first flat mastectomy patient he did.bWe worked on my art together and now I’m feeling so real, so happy not to see the scar. It DOES allow me to reclaim myself, my identity.

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