038: It Takes a Skilled Tattoo Artist to Create a Post- Mastectomy Tattoo — P.ink Series with Mari Ruddy (Part 2 of 3)

Post-Mastectomy tattoos require a lot of skill and not every tattoo artist is able to do it.

Mari Ruddy is a cancer survivor who could not look at herself in the mirror for three years because the Mastectomy that saved her life also took a part of her identity away. When Mari received her new tattoo of a lotus flower, which took a little over 5 hours to complete, she was finally able to look in the mirror and be happy with what she saw. On this part 2 of a 3 part series, Mari shares how she helps fellow survivors get post-mastectomy tattoos with the help of P.ink.

Key Takeaways:

[4:10] How did P.ink get started?

[6:00] Mari talks on how she met Noel, the founder.

[7:15] Mari talks about her cancer journey.

[8:40] Why Mari couldn’t look at herself in the mirror after her mastectomy.

[10:15] The group experience was more important to Mari than getting the tattoo.

[14:00] Mari never had a tattoo before this one.

[17:10] The tattoo Mari wanted took around 5.5 hours to complete.

[20:00] When the tattoo was done, Mari realized she didn’t have to be afraid of the mirror anymore.

[21:30] Now that Mari has her new tattoo, she loves to show it off.

[22:35] How does Mari support P.ink?

[33:10] How do Mari and her team match cancer survivors with tattoo artists?

[42:10] Be sure to check out the P.ink website.

[42:30] Mari talks about P.ink on Pinterest and how that came about.

[44:05] How can people support P.ink and P.ink day?

[46:00] Be aware, not every tattoo artist is able to create a beautiful post-mastectomy tattoo. It does require a lot of skill.

[49:20] The volunteer committee meets once a month for an hour via Google hangouts.

[51:20] Mari shares how she’s passionate about racial equality.

[55:05] Mari needs a videographer in Minnesota!

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Email P.ink: Help@pink.org

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