040: Get Yourself in the Bone Marrow Database and Delete Blood Cancer – DKMS with Jason Havey

Bone marrow matches are very rare, which is why it’s so important to register yourself and make that database larger.

Jason Havey is a successful businessman and the host of the Spinning Logic podcast. Out of the blue, Jason decided to swab his cheek and register himself into Delete Blood Cancer’s bone marrow database. Often times it’s very rare to get a match, but Jason did and he passed all the health tests with flying colors. If it wasn’t for Jason, the recipient of the bone marrow transplant would have died. Find out more about Jason and his mission on this week’s episode.

Key Takeaways:

[5:25] Who is Jason?

[9:25] Jason talks about Delete Blood Cancer.

[12:15] Not many people get a bone marrow match. If it wasn’t for Jason, the person he was donating to would have died.

[13:35] The recipient sent Jason a letter thanking him for saving his life.

[14:50] Jason will be meeting the man he helped in September for the first time.

[15:00] Jason announced the importance of being an available donor to others in need on Facebook and got about 60 of his employees to participate.

[16:05] Unfortunately, most people don’t get called in, but if you do get called in, it can save lives.

[17:10] We do blood drives all the time, so swabbing our checks is just another step in the right direction.

[19:15] Austin is a no-kill city when it comes to animals housed in shelters.

[19:35] In other states, about 40% of animals that reach a shelter end up getting euthanize.

[20:50] Jason talks about Austin Pets Alive and what they do.

[22:35] $20 a month can feed 2 dogs for the whole month.

[24:35] Pit bulls have a bad rep and it’s so unfortunate.

[27:25] Everybody should have a dog.

[33:10] Volunteering your time is so, so important.

[33:50] Jason talks about Seeds of Peace.

[45:35] How can you help? Keep it simple.

[47:35] Sometimes it’s good to be selfish.

[54:00] The world prominently has some really great people who are giving back.

[55:35] Order your swab at www.dkms.org/.

[57:00] Change can happen when we’re all working really, really hard towards it.

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