042: Bringing Joy in a Spider-Man Suit — Heart of a Hero with Ricky Mena

Ricky and his Spider-Man suit has brought happiness to over 7,000 children.

Ricky Mena is the Founder of Heart of a Hero, a non-profit dedicated to bringing children joy. Ricky dresses up as Spider-Man to entertain children who are battling life threatening illnesses, disabilities, special needs, fostered, homeless kids, and more. The idea came to him in a dream, but at that time he was broke and sleeping on his friend’s floor. Find out more about Ricky and his mission on this week’s episode.

Key Takeaways:

[3:15] Ricky has reached 7,000 kids.

[5:00] Find out more about Ricky Mena?

[8:20] At the age of 29 and completely broke, Ricky was sleeping on his friend’s floor.

[9:40] Ricky had a dream about his grandmother, who had passed away a couple of months earlier, telling him what he really should be doing with his life.

[15:55] Ricky had to sell his car to buy the $1,400 realistic Spider-Man suit.

[17:00] Hospitals weren’t replying to Ricky’s emails.

[19:20] Ricky did a lot of research to act like the real Spider-Man.

[21:50] How Ricky went all in.

[26:00] Ricky thanks his mentor, Barbara from Capes4Heroes, for taking him under her wing.

[29:00] There’s something magical when we give from the heart.

[33:40] Somebody wrote Ricky a $1,000 check the other day and he’s just blown away that someone would give so much.

[35:40] In the very beginning, Ricky was still getting no’s from hospitals despite him sharing pictures of the children he worked with.

[36:15] After a month or two, Ricky still couldn’t get funding.

[41:15] Ricky visits about 3-4 hospitals a month now.

[47:40] Ricky shares a story about a special kid, Ivan, who didn’t recover properly from a brain surgery.

[59:45] Ivan’s story is the very reason why Ricky cannot say no to a child.

[1:02:15] Ricky is a superhero.

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