043: Don’t Be Afraid to Knock on Doors and Ask! — Books for Treats with Rebecca Morgan

It never hurts to just ask and explore the options that are available to you.


Rebecca Morgan is the founder of Books for Treats, a non-profit that offers books, instead of candy, to children on Halloween. The response to Rebecca’s innocent idea has been amazing! Through her outreach, she has attracted a partnership with Barnes & Noble for 3 years in a row and her organization even appeared on a popular comic strip, Luann. Listen in to find out more about Rebecca’s work with Books for Treats.

Key Takeaways:

[3:10] Why did Rebecca start Books for Treats?

[6:20] How Rebecca gives children brain candy that lasts forever.

[11:15] Find out how you can participate.

[15:10] How Canadians can also participate!

[15:55] It’s best to order sooner rather than later. It can sometimes take up to a month for the books to be delivered.

[17:25] For $100, Rebecca can buy almost 200 books.

[18:55] When people give books to children who do not have books at home, it increases the child’s success dramatically.

[20:15] Rebecca talks about her cameo in a comic strip.

[25:40] Can’t afford to give all your trick-or-treaters books? Then just start with a small amount.

[27:35] Rebecca shares tips on how you can introduce Books for Treats into your community.

[33:50] How Barnes & Noble is working with Rebecca.

[37:45] Rebecca even contacted Michelle Obama.

[40:20] Why choosing a random celebrity to support your cause will not work.

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