044: All People Need Is for Somebody to Listen — Ireland Men’s Sheds with John Evoy

Men’s Sheds offers a place for men to be themselves and to make friends outside of the bar.

John Evoy is the Founder of the Irish Men’s Sheds Association and the Project Director for the International Men’s Sheds Organization. John brought Men’s Sheds to Ireland in 2009 and through his work with Men’s Sheds and the community, he won the Irish People of the Year Award in 2015. John discusses his mission to provide a Men’s Sheds branch all over the world and how the organization plans to reach the US.

Key Takeaways:

[4:55] How did the Men’s Sheds get started?

[6:40] What does Men’s Sheds do?

[11:00] There aren’t a lot of places for men to socialize and make friends other than the bar.

[12:30] Men’s Sheds aren’t just for men who have severe problems.

[17:25] In 2009, John brought Men’s Sheds to Ireland.

[22:10] Why is the Ireland Men’s Sheds name so important vs. Men’s Sheds?

[28:45] What kind of projects does Men’s Sheds offer?

[31:35] How does John measure the impact of Men’s Sheds on those it serves?

[34:55] Sometimes all people need is for somebody to listen.

[37:40] Since Men’s Sheds supports the various location branches, how does the Men’s Sheds organization as a whole get funding?

[41:45] Does Men’s Sheds get interesting requests from schools and other organizations?

[43:15] How is Men’s Sheds doing in the United States?

[47:40] John talks about Food Cloud.

[51:20] Despite what the media might have you believe, the world is filled with good people.

[54:10] How can the Giving Back community help John?

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