045: You Don’t Fight Hatred with Hatred — Lutheran Church Charities with Tim Hetzner

Police officers are under a lot of fire these days, but you can’t fight hatred with hatred.


Tim Hetzner has been the President of Lutheran Church Charities (LCC) since 2001. Having served in parish ministry for over 24 years, Tim has a lot of experience and wisdom in giving back to the community. One of the projects at LCC is the LCC Kare 9 Military Ministry, where specially trained dogs are used to help comfort veterans. Tune in to find out more about LCC, their disaster relief program, and their soon-to-be comfort dog police program on this week’s episode.

Key Takeaways:

[2:30] Find out more about Tim Hetzner.

[4:50] What is the Kare 9 Military Ministry about?

[8:20] Did you know that petting a dog lowers your blood pressure?

[9:40] Many police offices right now do not feel safe.

[11:30] The eyes of a person is the inside into a person’s soul.

[11:35] We can train our face to handle different situations, but we can’t hide what’s in the eyes.

[12:20] Kare 9 dogs are comfort dogs that specifically go out with veterans.

[13:40] Tim and his team plan to do the same thing with their veteran-specific comfort dogs with retired police officers soon.

[13:50 Police officers have a very tight-knit  brotherhood the same way veterans do.

[15:40] How can you give back? You need to stand with and support those that protect us —  like our police officers.

[16:15] Can you imagine what would happen if all the police officers in the US went on strike for just one day?

[20:10] What can we learn about the tragedy that happened to the LGBT community in Orlando?

[25:45] We are wired to be lovers and we’re wired to make others feel good.

[31:00] When you give an act of kindness to one person, it doesn’t just affect you and him/her, it will affect multiple people.

[31:45] People really don’t want to be mean and negative deep down.

[36:50] Throwing money at something is easy.

[42:10] You have to meet people on their turf, especially if they’re struggling.


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