046: Delivering Care Packages Homeless People — Crack + Cider with Charley Cramer

Homeless people are all actually eccentric millionaires in disguise.

Charley Cramer is one of the co-founders of Crack + Cider, an organization with an initiative to provide the right supplies to the homeless population. Charley and her business partner, Scarlett, came to the conclusion that people don’t want to give money to homeless individuals because they’re afraid they will spend it on crack and cider. At the same time, people in general do want to help homeless folks, they just don’t quite know how to. This is where Crack + Cider comes in to the rescue!

Key Takeaways:

[2:55] There are different levels to homelessness.

[4:00] What is Crack + Cider all about?

[5:25] People do want to help homeless individuals, but they’re afraid donated money will be spent on crack and cider.

[6:05] Charley and her business partner, Scarlett, came up with the idea of helping people buy items online for the homeless population.

[6:30] What kind of items does Crack + Cider sell?

[7:55] Crack + Cider is now offering dog care items for homeless people.

[9:30] Charley had a physical shop when they first launched, but only had it open for a couple of months.

[10:05] Charley is bringing the idea to the US and will have a physical store up until Christmas.

[11:20] Charley hopes to be able to franchise the idea so that it can reach a global scale.

[11:45] The San Francisco shop will open up this November.

[13:40] How does Charley and Scarlett manage Crack + Cider and their day jobs?

[18:15] How is Crack + Cider distributing the purchased items?

[21:10] When customers buy items, there’s a bit of money leftover from those purchases. Where does that extra money go?

[27:15] Crack + Cider’s name really attracted a lot of the media’s attention.

[29:20] What has the response been for some of Crack + Cider’s customers?

[37:30] The key to launching a successful social impact project is to scale it back and start small.

[40:00] If you’re in San Francisco, please feel free to send Charley resources of homeless shelters or distributors in the area.

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