048: Providing Change on a Larger Scale — Malaria No More with Michael Bungay Stanier

When attempting to make big changes in the world, you can not stop at the first ‘no’.

Michael Bungay Stanier is the Founder of Box of Crayons, an organization that helps busy managers incorporate and teach key skills to their team. Michael is also the author of End Malaria, where $20 from each book sold goes to the charity Malaria No More. Michael has so far raised $400,000 for the charity. How did Michael generate such a large following for the cause? Find out more on this week’s episode.

Key Takeaways:

[3:45] Find out more about Box of Crayons, an organization helping time-crunched managers.

[4:35] How everything you do in your life falls into 3 different buckets.

[7:20] Michael really cares about change on a large scale.

[8:50] A mosquito net costs only $10.

[10:45] Why did Michael write the book, End Malaria?

[14:15] Michael started the book in March and published it in September.

[17:30] Why did Michael decide to contribute to the Malaria No More charity?

[22:00] Why you never take the first ‘no’ as a ‘no’.

[23:10] How ‘no’ is the first step to getting to a ‘yes’.

[25:50] How can people help end malaria?

[29:05] Somebody recently asked Rob what is the point of his podcast.

[31:15] The rational and logical argument doesn’t persuade people.

[35:35] What’s the next step for non-profits?

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