052: There’s Always Time to Give To Charity — Soles4Souls with Dr. Michele Summers Colon

Giving back can be as simple as putting a collection box in your company’s lobby.

Dr. Michele Summers Colon is a podiatrist and physician with her own medical clinic as well as the owner of 34 Minutes, a shoe company designed specifically to help women’s feet feel amazing.  Dr. Michele has successfully incorporated a giving back mentality into her clinic and has become a distributor for Soles4Souls. But between her two businesses, how does she even find the time to give back?

Key Takeaways:

[2:30] Who is Dr. Michele?

[4:10] Why Dr. Michele started her own shoe company, 34 Minutes, to give women comfortable shoes instead of surgery.

[5:35] Why Dr. Michele named her shoe company, 34 Minutes.

[6:40] As a way to give back, Dr. Michele began collecting shoes, for homeless people, at her clinic.

[8:30] Dr. Michele is now a Soles4Souls distributor.

[9:35] On an average year, Dr. Michele sends out about 1,000–1,500 pairs of shoes to Soles4Souls, but one year she was able to send the organization 3,000 pairs of shoes.

[10:15] How did Dr. Michele distribute the donated shoes to homeless individuals before she aligned her efforts with Soles4Souls?

[13:50] How Giving back is deeply integrated into the culture of Dr. Michele’s clinic.

[16:15] It’s awful that children so close to home need shoes. It’s such a basic need.

[19:50] What’s the next step for Dr. Michele?

[24:40] People can always find a community close by that needs help.

[26:10] Between Dr. Michele’s charity work and two businesses, how does she find the time?

[30:00] Any business can put a collection box in their lobby.

[31:30] As long as Dr. Michele practices self-care and takes care of her body first, then she can always achieve great work.

[34:50] What kind of feedback has Dr. Michele received from her staff?

[36:55] When Dr. Michele was a resident physican, it was a requirement to help Mexican children with clubbed foot every weekend.

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