053: Bridging the Gap Between Young Adults and Charity — Young Charity Trustees with Alex Swallow

Young people are often unaware about the various ways they can give back.

Alex Swallow is the Founder of the Young Charity Trustees, which seeks to help and support young people who are interested in charity trusteeship. Alex is also the owner of The Influence Expert, where he teaches people how to grow their circle of influence. Many of our young adults today are unaware about the opportunities several non-profit sectors have for them, but Alex hopes to change that. Charity provides unique opportunities for our youth because it opens their eyes to what they can achieve as well as gives them the confidence and skills they need to succeed in any area of life.

Key Takeaways:

[4:25] Millennials tend to get a bad rep for their work ethic, but Alex doesn’t buy into that misconception.

[7:10] Alex talks about his dear friend, John Loughton, who runs Dare2Lead.

[11:45] Alex believes authenticity is an important factor for leaders.

[14:55] One of the benefits of technology is that anybody can put themselves out there.

[16:30] What is Young Charity Trustees about?

[19:00] Younger people worry about not having enough experience for charity. Charities worry that younger people aren’t interested in their cause.

[23:00] One of the biggest challenges a charity faces is having members of the board who think outside the box.

[25:55] Youth unemployment all over the world indicates so many of our young workers are not in careers they’ve studied for, but charities can help them bring back some of their confidence.

[28:30] Many people believe they’re not qualified to be a trustee, but trusteeship should be seen as just another form of volunteering.

[38:00] Alex talks about the first charity he volunteered at.

[42:20] How does Alex help his clients at his company, The Influence Expert?

[48:45] Alex wants all young people to believe they can do anything.

[54:15] How does Alex plan to connect more young people to charities?

[59:00] Alex is passionate about connecting people together.

[1:02:05] If everybody in your local community banded together to solve a problem, that problem would get solved!

[1:04:15] You can always contribute by being a mentor to someone.

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