056: Play to Your Strengths — New York Youth Symphony with Patrick J. McGinnis

If you’re operating at the intersection of what you love and what you’re good at, you’re going to win.


Patrick J. McGinnis is a venture capitalist, private equity investor, Founder of Dirigo Advisors, author of The 10% Entrepreneur, and Chairman of the finance committee at the New York Youth Symphony. On this week’s episode, Patrick talks about his love and passion for music, how the committee keeps the organization sustainable, and so much more!

Key Takeaways:

[3:30] Who is Patrick?

[7:15] The New York Youth Symphony brings youth together who have an incredible gift.

[10:00] Everybody, no matter what their cultural background, shares a common language when they get into music.

[11:00] The organization sends students out to perform for special needs audiences, hospitals, nursing homes, and more!

[13:15] The New York Youth Symphony hosted their first international tour in Argentina.

[14:25] What speaks to people about the New York Youth Symphony? Why does it draw such huge crowds?

[18:00] Patrick knows how to play a little bit of everything. He started learning how to play piano classically.

[22:00] Patrick has noticed that people who are good at music are also very good at academics.

[28:15] When Rob went to public school, he remembers there were music programs available. It seems that these days music programs are becoming less and less available in schools. Is this true?

[32:35] Non-profit organizations are different compared to private sectors, but coming at it with a private-sector mindset is very beneficial to achieving your goals.

[33:20] How does the New York Youth Symphony offer tuition-free and sustainable educational programs?

[42:45] Fun fact, Patrick lives about 20 minutes away from John Lee Dumas.

[43:15] Patrick wanted to add an additional chapter to his book on how to build your 10% in the nonprofit and charitable sectors, but unfortunately that idea got thrown to the side.

[44:00] When Patrick was deciding on what committee he wanted to be involved in within the New York Youth Symphony, he asked himself what were his strengths and where would he make the most impact.

[46:35] The most precious thing that we have is our time.

[47:45] Once you get started as an entrepreneur, you just can’t stop!

[49:00] How can you help out? Come check out the New York Youth Symphony and, if you like it, support them!

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