058: Inspiring Teen Leaders All Over the World — Warm Winters with Corinne Hindes and Katrine Kirsebom

Here’s how two 11-year olds turned their idea into something their whole community could get behind.

Corinne Hindes and Katrine Kirsebom were 11-years old when they founded Warm Winters. Both ski racers, Corinne and Katrine noticed an overwhelming amount of unclaimed lost and found winter clothing items, at the ski resort they were training at. They asked if they could take these unclaimed items, and donated them to their local homeless shelter, and that’s how warm Winters was born! Since 2011, they’ve donated over 5,000 items of warm clothing to over 2,500 homeless people.

Key Takeaways:

[3:05] Corinne and Katrine started helping the homeless people in their community when they were 11-years old.

[4:10] Why did Corinne and Katrine start Warm Winters?

[7:00] Both Corinne and Katrine grew up as ski racers.

[8:10] What was the reaction from the staff at the Trinity Center shelter when the ladies first brought in winter clothes for the homeless?

[10:50] Going up to a homeless person, and treating them like a real person, can make their entire week a little bit brighter. It’s unfortunate that people are trained to ignore them.

[11:05] How do Corinne and Katrine’s parents react to them going into inner city homeless shelters?

[16:00] People were not taking the ladies seriously at first, which is why Corinne and Katrine called them every single day until they said yes.

[20:40] How do ski resorts normally handle their lost and found items, when they’re not associated with the Warm Winters organization?

[25:10] How did Corinne and Katrine grow their organization so quickly?

[27:45] What kind of feedback have Corinne and Katrine received from their volunteers?

[29:55] What was it like, receiving the Jefferson Award for Public Service?
[37:45] What do Corinne and Katrine’s parents think about all the charity work that the ladies have been doing?

[39:40] Corinne and Katrine are currently seniors in high school. What are their plans after they graduate?

[43:05] How can listeners help Warm Winters?

[48:20] Remember, homeless people need compassion and understanding, just like everyone else.

[51:20] What are the top three words the ladies associate with their cause?

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