059: What Is Your Gift to The World? — The Petaluma Fabulous Women with Krista Gawronski (Part 1)

Everybody has a gift and it’s our mission to use out gift to impact the world for the better.

Krista Gawronski attended a women’s conference in San Francisco where Oprah Winfrey was the keynote speaker. Oprah spoke with such impact and purpose that it planted a seed in Krista’s mind on how she could use her gifts to give back to the community. One day, Krista’s friend lost her husband suddenly, so Krista banded the community together to help support this fellow mom. Little did she know, but that community gathering  was the spark she needed to launch The Petaluma Fabulous Women charity and use her gifts to impact the world for the better. Be sure to listen to the next episode as Rob and Krista continue their conversation in a two-part interview.

Key Takeaways:

[4:35] How did The Petaluma Fabulous Women get started?

[8:10] Krista shares a story of how Oprah transformed her life.

[13:30] After a tragic incident that happened to Krista’s friend, Krista banded the community together and raised nearly $1,000, accidently, for her.

[14:00] After seeing the impact that they created, Krista and her sister kept it going and began supporting other causes.

[16:00] Charity is a universal feeling. People want to give back.

[20:00] Taking time out of your busy day and showing up to a charity event is a gift in itself.

[27:25] Krista shares a story about a little girl  who loves to ride horses.

[38:15] Krista developed a writing habit through journaling details about the specific charity events she hosted. Although she had no plans to publish a book, it sort of ended up happening that way!

[45:00] Krista has been able to do all these amazing things with her charity because of the people who work side-by-side her.

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  1. What a great podcast. I am so happy that this was made possible. Although I have heard the Fabulous Women story and how it all came to be, I learned something knew by listening to this tonight. They are an amazing group our community is so blessed to have, Rob you are doing some pretty amazing things with this podcast. I know that someone out there will walk away knowing they too have the power within themselves to make a difference and give back.

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