060: What Is Your Gift to The World? Part 2 — The Petaluma Fabulous Women with Krista Gawronski

When you show up and take action, doors begin to open for you.

This interview is a continuation of a two-part series. Please be sure to listen to the previous episode to get more of a back story of who Krista is, and why she started Petaluma Fabulous Women. On this episode, Krista talks on how meeting Oprah came full-circle, how her charity work has inspired her son to do good, and why you should never compromise on compassion.

Key Takeaways:

[2:40] Why did Krista write her book?

[9:20] As Oprah planted the seed for Krista to do good work, Krista hopes her book will plant the same seed for you.

[11:40] People have to believe in themselves first before they can fully give back to their community.

[16:25] What does sacrifice really mean to you?

[20:45] Krista talks about the charity work her son is doing.

[31:25] Be sure to check out The Petaluma  Fabulous Women on Facebook!

[32:10] Krista speaks on an event they did using tandem bikes.

[37:20] When Krista found out Oprah was leaving her show, Krista entered a contest explaining why she was Oprah’s most loyal fan…and she won tickets to go see her live!

[51:15] There are some things you don’t compromise on, and compassion is one of those things.

[54:10] Rob highly recommends that you read Krista’s book!

[56:00] The Petaluma Fabulous Women charity is inspiring people all over to create their own charity.

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