066: Saving Abused and Abandoned Dogs — Black Tie CEO Club with Steven Riznyk

What do fashionable men’s ties and abused dogs have in common?


Steven Riznyk is an immigration and business lawyer, but is also a huge animal lover at heart. He is the Founder & CEO of the Black Tie CEO Club, an organization that hosts high-end parties in the San Diego area to raise funds for veterinary bills for abandoned and abused dogs. Steven admits that health care for abused dogs is a notoriously neglected area, but he has to do something for these very compassionate animals.

Key Takeaways:

[4:50] What does Black Tie CEO Club do?

[7:50] There aren’t many diagnostic facilities just for animals. The animal hospital Steven uses charges $2,500 for an MRI. Steven hopes to change that.

[11:10] Where does Steven’s passion for dogs come from?

[19:05] Both Rob and Steven admit that they’ve learned so much from their dogs and pets.

[25:00] It took Steven three months to prepare for one donation event, and that’s with a full-time job. Steven has hosted 8 of them so far.

[29:30] Steven admits helping abused and abandoned dogs is an unpopular cause.

[29:55] Why use a fashion item, like a tie, to help promote dog health care services?

[36:35] Rob admits these ties are incredibly high quality. They feel great!

[41:25] What have people’s reactions been towards Steven’s company?

[42:50] We should not still have homeless people in 2016!

[44:50] Why did Steven start Relationships 901?

[49:35] Steven loves his team so much. You can’t move mountains by yourself.

[55:00] Help someone who can never thank you.

[58:00] What are Steven’s top three words that describe why he gives back?

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