067: Human Trafficking Is a $32 Billion Dollar Industry — Dressember with Susie Miller

Wear a dress in December, every day, to bring awareness to human trafficking.

Susie Miller is a communication and relationship expert. She is also the author of Listen, Learn, Love, a fabulous book on how you can improve your relationships in 30 days or less! Susie was struck by how large the human trafficking business was and is now part of a cause that helps bring awareness to it. She and other women wear a dress every day for the month of December to let others know that sexual exploitation still goes on today within the United States.

Key Takeaways:

[5:55] Why is Susie wearing a dress in December?

[6:35] Human trafficking can be defined as both sexual and labor exploitation.

[7:00] There are more slaves today than ever in history.

[8:40] What is justice? The problems are so big, how can we make a difference?

[9:45] How did Susie get involved with Dressember?

[15:45] Susie wears a dress every day in December. Every day!

[21:05] When it’s zero degrees outside, the last thing you want is to have a dress on.

[28:20] You CAN make a difference!

[30:35] When Susie helps others in this world, she also feels grateful for what she has.

[33:05] You can get involved in a big or small way, but what’s important is for you to just GO and do it!

[39:20] Susie invites the Giving Back community to join her this year for Dressember.

[42:35] Organizations dedicated to saving  human trafficking victims don’t just rescue them, they help them recover from their trauma as well.

[44:15] Be the change you want to see in the world.

[45:40] When you go on the Dressember website, look up Susie at Dresses for Justice.

[47:25] What do the Super Bowl and sex trafficking have in common?

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