068: Connecting Communities Through Food — Sierra Harvest with Malaika Bishop

We have so much abundance in food, yet people still have food insecurity.

Malaika Bishop has been working to create sustainable food for the last 20 years. She joined Sierra Harvest in 2012 and has been the co-director of the organization since 2013. It is no secret that food brings communities together, but through our busy lifestyles we’ve become isolated and out of touch, and our children are suffering for it.  By educating the community, we are also educating our children about healthy food options, so that they can pick healthy food today, and not pay the high healthcare price later.

Key Takeaways:

[3:15] How did Malaika first get started?

[4:45] What is Malaika’s role at Sierra Harvest and how did she get started at this organization?

[7:25] Where does spaghetti come from? Children believed it came from a tree.

[8:40] What kind of programs are available at Sierra Harvest?

[14:25] Sierra Harvest is currently working in 22 schools, which takes children on field trips and food tastings.

[17:20] Communities become closer together when we begin to share our food with each other.

[24:35] Sierra Harvest is currently working with farmers to help them be a little more business savvy.

[24:55] You can either pay more for food now or pay more for health care later. It’s up to you.

[29:35] What about organic farming? What are the trends Malaika is seeing on that side of things?

[35:55] What is a land trust?

[44:15] Malaika wants to create a food culture in her community where it’s easy for children to make the right and healthy choice.

[46:40] Sierra Harvest has yearly goals, but this kind of work needs to be here for generations to come.

[48:25] The Sustainable Food and Farm conference will be held January 6th-8th in Grass Valley, California. Hope to see you there!

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