069: Promoting Acceptance and Individuality for -Young Teenage Girls — WriteGirl with Keren Taylor

Teaching our young women how to write in a captivating way.

Keren Taylor is the Executive Director of WriteGirl and has been a community leader for nearly two decades. In 2001, Keren founded WriteGirl and for the last 15 years WriteGirl has been able to guide 100% of its high school seniors in its Core Mentoring Program to graduate from high school and enroll in college! Not an easy feat to say the least! Join Rob and Keren on this week’s episode to find out more.

Key Takeaways:

[3:55] Learning how to write is fundamental to your success.

[5:15] For 15 years in a row, WriteGirl has successfully guided 100% of seniors to graduate from high school and enroll  in college.

[6:20] So, what is WriteGirl and what does the organization do?

[10:25] Keren discusses the workshops they host at WriteGirl for young women and teens.

[16:20] WriteGirl has become a place where teens feel like they belong.

[17:15] No matter what the young girls are into, WriteGirl makes it a point to accept them as they are, as individuals.

[23:15] How do young girls usually find out about WriteGirl?

[28:55] Each guest speaker goes through a bit of training before they present a workshop at WriteGirl.

[36:10] What about boys? WriteGirl has recently created a program for at-risk boys too.

[38:55] Keren has seen how the WriteGirl community has really helped our youth get through tough times.

[47:35] Does Keren have any favorite stories to share about some of the girls?

[56:30] It’s so important to be very purposeful towards what you’re trying to do.

[1:00:40] WriteGirl provides so much more than just writing workshops.

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