072: Diversity in the Tech Industry — Resilient Coders with David Delmar

Our diversity problems begin at 5th grade, not at college.

David Delmar is the Founder of Resilient Coders, a social justice company that provides web development training programs for youth of all different racial and social backgrounds. Why isn’t there more diversity in the tech industry? Google and other tech giants want to hire them, but the problem is that there’s simply not enough resumes reaching their doors. The problem with diversity in tech begins as far back as 5th grade, not high school or college.

Key Takeaways:

[3:50] Who is David?

[6:00] When David attended tech conferences, he consistently kept seeing beautiful apps that solved no real problems. Why are you making these useless products when there are people starving?

[6:45] David explains that there are two sides to Boston and there’s a huge disconnect between the two sides.

[10:45] How do we get more diversity into the tech community?

[15:55] The problem is that diversity in tech begins at 5th grade, which is why recruiters are having a hard time finding talent today, right now.

[20:35] What kind of mentorship should these tech companies be providing?

[24:00] What kind of programs and workshops does Resilient Coders offer?

[31:15] Resilient Coders was founded in 2014 and they’ve had 120-140 students since then.

[34:25] David talks about Year Up and how they’ve helped David refine his company.

[37:10] Looking to hire excellent and young tech talent? Get in contact with David!

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