075: Giving Back Insights Kickoff show with Rob Lowe

The Giving Back podcast has changed Rob’s life! 

Rob Lowe is the Host of Giving Back Podcast. He decided to give thanks to people who are helping people to change their lives. Because of this show, he is now surrounded by people who really care about others. Guests, people his guests introduce him to, listeners, and friends & family who share their stories – they’re all committed to making a difference in people’s lives. He has been inspired to work with people and organizations that want to make a difference in their communities. Today he gives thanks to people who help him running a successful podcast!

Key Takeaways:

[0:20] This is the very first insight show.

[1:00] Guest shows on Monday, solo cast on Thursdays.

[1:20] Rob Mentions about Jim Rohn

[1:40] Rob Moved out of his comfort zone in two ways.

[3:10] Rob has a super deeper interest to give back to society.

[5:25]  Rob has started helping people help people

[5:50] Rob shares his journey, bumps and stumbles and all (getting vulnerable, the “V” word!)

[6:40] When anyone give back, he gets three layer of benefit.

[7:25] Rob give thanks to his podcast mentor Jessica Rhodes!  High five to the Rhodes to Success podcast, Interview Connections, and her passion for Clean Water Action.

[8:50] Rob give thanks to Kelly Glover, booking agent extraordinaire and the host of the Big Curvy Love podcast.

[9:45] Rob give thanks to Corey Coates and the amazing Podfly crew, including David, Jerry, Aty, Ayn, and Crunch.  And major amazement at the production quality of the Podcast Producers show.

[11:25] Rob give thanks to Chris Ruppert, his website guy who makes it all seem so easy to stay cool when it gets hot.

[13:10] Rob give thanks to Nicola,His VA who works so hard and not only handles a lot of work, she also has the courage to tell her opinion.

[12:45] Rob give thanks to Jason Havey, Spinning Logic podcast host, and social impact triple threat.  Listen to our conversations at Spinning Logic #74 and Giving Back #40.  His mom says our interview was the best one she’s heard!

[14:50] Rob give thanks to Ursula – He mentions when she smile it lights up Rob’s life!

[16:25] Rob give thanks to all GBP listeners.  For your support, for your acts of kindness, and for making our life even more beautiful than we could have imagined.


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Giving Back Podcast

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