077 : Giving Back Insights show 2 with Rob Lowe

Making difference in the life of people around you.

This is the second episode of Giving Back Podcast weekly solo-cast show. Every Thursday we do insights to which gives us chances to talk and ask the question about how our guests and charities are working to change the people live around us. In this episode, Rob talks about Gratitude, Freedom Journal, Pencils of Promise, Adam Braun, Entrepreneur on Fire, EOFire and John Lee Dumas. Enjoy the Show.

Key Takeaways:

[1:15] Rob Start his morning with gratitude and go to sleep with it too.

[1:40] Rob started his podcast journey at 2015

[2:00] The Idea came up to Rob with Freedom Journal which is the fifth largest publishing project in Kickstarter.

[2:45] The profit was given the Pencils of Promise of Adam Braun

[3:30] The Freedom Journal is an initiative by Jhon Lee Dumas who is the Host of Entrepreneur on Fire podcast.

[6:05] Rob Tells how Podcast has changed my life.

[7:20] Rob changed his jobs and mindset for this show

[8:30] Why is Rob so fortunate?

[9:00] How did Rob get in touch with so many award winning philanthropist?

[10:30] Rob help people Help people.

[11:40] There are huge opportunity to help people.

[12:00] Rob is grateful for the lessons he learned.

[13:45] Rob mentions the Upstanders series podcast show from Starbucks

[14:35] The mosque across the street

[15:00] Rob talks about Interfaith Council for Peace & Justice

[16:35] Thank you for your love and support


Mentioned in This Episode:

Giving Back Podcast

Freedom Journal


Upstanders series

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