078: Our Young Generation and the Charities They Support — Good News Shared with Nisha Kotecha

Do not underestimate our youth!

Nisha Kotecha is the founder of Good News Shared, a website that was founded in 2014 that shares the positive things that have happened, or are happening, in the world. Good News Shared was born out of a desperate need to showcase good and uplifting stories in a society that consistently highlights and promotes the bad. Nisha has worked and volunteered for charities in the UK for over 10 years and stresses the importance of why we should give our youth a chance when it comes to working on the causes they care about.

Key Takeaways:

[2:45] Rob’s having a competitor on his show. Isn’t he afraid that Nisha will steal his thunder?

[4:55] Is the world really a bad place?

[5:15] Good News Shared was founded in 2014.

[6:05] How has Good News Shared changed Nisha’s life?

[9:10] Nisha talks about some of the charity work she’s done.

[14:30] What kind of experiences has Nisha had that have made an impact on her?

[21:30] What were some of the things Nisha was doing at her local Rotaract Club?

[24:45] How did the idea for Good News Shared come about?

[29:30] What do Nisha and her team consider ‘good news’?

[36:15] Rob is very tempted to get a tattoo after speaking to Noel Franus from P-Ink.

[37:20] Both Rob and Nisha share some of their favorite good news stories.

[52:00] Why is it so important to bring younger people into charities and have them take an active role to helping others?

[55:25] Where does Nisha see Good News Shared going in the future?

[1:05:50] How is Nisha spreading the word and bringing awareness to Good News Shared?


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  1. Great interview Nisha, interviewer is too full of his own importance using ten words when one will do. Spoiled the message. Please wll someone teach him the art of asking succinct probing questions that don’t resemble a short story.

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