079 : Giving Back Insights Happy New Year Show With Rob Lowe

Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2017.

How are you, everybody? Rob Welcomes everyone to 2017 first solo show. This is the 3rd episode of Thursday insights where we talk and ask the question about how our guests and charities are working to change the people live around us.  On this episode, Rob made a recap of amazing 2016.  He also expects an outstanding 2017.  Listen now and put your valuable opinion in the comment section.


Key Takeaways:

Rob Spent time in San Diego with leaders who have a vision of serving others, by doing good, we can also do well.

Joseph helps people build movements.  Talked about alignment, who we are and what we do.  When they are aligned, we get great energy.

As long as I bring my best, where my behavior and communication are aligned to reflect my good intentions, then I’m really open to the outcomes, and that’s liberating.

Fear: name it, declare it, don’t let it paralyze you.  “Feel the fear and move towards it”

Fear is a green light

For the most part, our fears are not life threatening.  Fear is a risk, the risk is that you look foolish and are embarrassed.

We are social animals, that’s how we survived.  But being social people, if you’re cast out of the tribe, then you die. So being part of the group is a big deal, and looking bad is what we fear.

Naming fears takes away their power.  When I talk about my fears, they even sound funny sometimes.

Rob came away from San Diego thinking about alignment.

When who you are and what you do are the same, you’re gonna make magic

It’ll be a natural extension of your beliefs and you’ll have a lot of power.  Not ‘takeaway’ power, it’s power to help others.

Gets people to another level of performance

If you’ve got skills, and the courage to go and offer those skills, then you can make a big difference without realizing it.

Intentionally helping others with open heart and kindness.

Mentioned in This Episode:

Joseph Ranseth: josephranseth.com

Michelle Gunderson: www.languageofyoga.com

Noam Kostucki: www.artofamagicallife.com

Kenny Cannon: www.kennycannon.com

James Woeber: artofheartfulliving.com

Summer Cleaton: resolutionariesinc.com

Nisha Kotecha: goodnewsshared.com

Carlos Miranda: www.impactandgrowth.com



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