082: A Hand Up, Not a Hand Down — Year Up with Guylaine Saint Juste

 Teaching soft and technical skillsets to our underprivileged youth.

Guylaine Saint Juste is the Executive Director of the National Capital Region of Year Up. What does love feel like? Some children grow up in harsh backgrounds where they are unable to experience this. Year Up gives them a new opportunity to experience and surround themselves with a group of individuals who CARE. Year Up aims to provide our talented youth the opportunity to succeed no matter how awful their economical background may be.

Key Takeaways:

[4:00] Rob discusses why Year Up means so much to him.

[6:25] What is Year Up about?

[13:10] Why does Year Up’s message resonate so strongly with Guylaine?

[19:20] Year Up aims to provide both the technical and soft skills to their young students.

[22:05] Year Up students are three times more likely to stay in a business position or role than the average recently-graduated college student.

[25:55] A portion of the millennial generation is impatient due to how quickly technology and information is accessed.

[30:05] There’s a real competitive advantage to having a millennial on your team.

[30:50] When building a leadership team, it’s important to consider how your team thinks and reacts to certain situations. Everyone is different.

[34:10] Guylaine shares a story that happened in the first three weeks of her being on the job.

[39:25] Sometimes we have so much that we forget how privileged we really are.

[47:40] Rob reads a quick quote about the origins of Year Up.

[50:30] We are so fortunate to be Americans and no matter what’s going on right now, America is STILL the land of the free!

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