086: Out of Work? It’s Time to be a Philanthropist — The Harnisch Foundation with Ruth Ann Harnisch

Sharing is one of the foundational principles to philanthropy. 

Ruth Ann Harnisch grew up in the ‘Mad Men’ era where women were not seen as equal. They were disposable and seen as incapable of doing a ‘man’s job’. Ruth Ann proved them wrong by joining a career in the media and working her way up to the top! When she got fired from her job in 1998, she was lost and didn’t know where to go from there.

Ruth Ann attended a women’s networking meeting and member in the group told an unemployed Ruth Ann that now was her time to be a Philanthropist. And so, philanthropy has been part of Ruth Ann’s story for the last 19 years where she helps women and girls get their footing and narrow that gender gap! Tune in to find out more about her and her foundation.

Key Takeaways:

4:55] Ruth Ann’s career started in the ‘Mad Man’ era.

[6:30] Although we don’t live in a perfect world when it comes to equality, women are much better off than they were in the 50s and 60s.

[9:00] Ruth Ann worked her way up in a very male-dominated career field in the media.

[14:00] Rob’s daughter doesn’t look to women to inspire her. It actually has nothing to do with gender.

[22:25] Why did Ruth Ann start the Harnisch Foundation?

[30:20] We’re more aware of what’s going on in our society. This awareness helps us get upset when we see injustice happening right before our eyes.

[34:55] Ruth Ann admits she has a limited attention span. She wants things launched and out the door stat!

[40:15] How does Ruth Ann share what she’s learned at The Harnisch Foundation with other organizations?

[44:35] You can be a philanthropist. In fact, you probably already are one.

[48:35] Ruth Ann explains how her foundation helps our future generations.

[55:10] We can all do more. Every little action counts towards something bigger.

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