090: Our Muslim Brothers and Sisters — One Human Family with Chuck Warpehoski

Honor the stranger, because you were strangers in Egypt.


Chuck Warpehoski is an advocate of the fair treatment of our Muslim brothers and sisters at One Human Family. Chuck is also the director of Interfaith Council for Peace & Justice. On this week’s show, Chuck discusses his work with law enforcement and their policies. He also talks about bystander intervention training for those who wish to stand up against bullies who publicly harass people based on the color of their skin, or religious beliefs.

Key Takeaways:

[2:15] This is not a political show, but something must be said as to President Trump’s immigration ban.

[2:40] We are all immigrants.

[5:50] The anti-immigration movement has caused one Puerto Rican to wear her U.S. passport on her chest.

[8:55] So many of us want to believe we are past racism, but then the KKK decides to have a victory march after President Trump’s election.

[12:20] We have to honor what makes us unique. We have to honor our heritage and religious background.

[17:35] How is Chuck working with law enforcement and working towards a less brutal police force?

[23:10] Communication with our law enforcement is key.

[24:00] Remember, our police officers are here to serve. Don’t let a few bad apples destroy that image.

[31:50] What other groups, besides law enforcement, is Chuck working with?

[38:25] There are so many important lessons you can take away from various religious teachings, no matter what your faith is.

[40:50] Americans have concerns about terrorism and their security; does that make them bad people?

[43:30] What kind of feedback has Chuck been receiving about the work he’s doing with Muslims?

[51:00] How can we train people to be there for each other?  What should you do when you see someone being discriminated against?

[56:15] We need to practice strategies in real life that will deflect racism or sexist remarks.
[1:00:05] Chuck has been a member of the Interfaith Council for Peace & Justice since 2003.

[1:04:50] In three words, how would Chuck describe his commitment to giving back?

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