092: The Signs Homeless People Make — We Are All Homeless with Willie Baronet

Each sign holds both a powerful, yet sometimes painful, story.

Willie Baronet has been buying and collecting signs from homeless people on the street since 1993. Each sign contains a powerful message; sometimes they’re funny, and sometimes they’re tragic. Willie filmed a documentary in 2014 titled ‘Signs of Humanity’, which shared some of the stories behind those who are homeless and what we can do to make this world a better place.

Key Takeaways:

[3:05] Why is Willie passionate about helping the homeless?

[6:50] Why was Willie buying the signs off of homeless people?

[8:45] Homeless people need real human connections. They need meaningful conversations. Unfortunately, most of the time they’re ignored.

[13:25] Having lunch with a homeless person can drastically change your point of view about who they are.

[18:30] The signs that someone creates is always very different. From the wording, to the lettering. These signs each hold a very powerful message to the world.

[27:40] Willie and his crew shot a small documentary in 2014 about the homeless population. It was featured at the Dallas International Film Festival for the first time ever in May of 2016.

[33:30] Willie still buys signs from people on the street.

[33:50] Willie estimates he has bought between 1,200 to 1,300 signs.

[41:10] Can art make a difference? Of course!

[42:30] Willie is currently exploring ways on how he can introduce his work into schools.

[47:25] Willie has been constantly learning throughout this journey.

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