094: Making Reading Fun and Engaging for Children! — Reach Out and Read with Claudia Aristy

Children will do anything to get the attention of their busy parents, which is why reading has become so popular.

Claudia Aristy has witnessed Reach Out and Read from every aspect of the program – first as a mother, then as a Parent Educator, and finally, as a Volunteer Trainer, and Director of the Reach Out and Read Program at Bellevue Hospital. Claudia also serves on the advisory board of Leyendo Juntos, a Reach Out and Read initiative to help support Latino families. Find out more about Claudia’s story and her work with Reach Out and Read!

Key Takeaways:

[3:40] What is Reach Out and Read about?

[5:00] Although children begin reading at the age of 6 months to 5  years of age, Claudia is interested in finding out how we can help babies develop great skills from 0-6 months of age.

[7:00] There are 16 independent studies that confirm the effectiveness of Claudia’s program.

[8:30] Don’t take your books for granted!

[10:00] How does the program work?

[15:00] Some children shy away from human interaction, but most children end up gravitating towards books and objects.

[16:25] Claudia herself has gone through every aspect of the Reach Out and Read program.

[23:50] There are always volunteer readers on the floor to help the children and to help take a load off the parent.

[32:25] Rob discusses another charity organization that gives books out instead of candy during Halloween called Books for Treats.

[33:15] Bellevue Hospital has another program where children can get a book from their dentist after each visit.

[42:40] Parents love the program because they too get to learn as well.

[43:45] Children learn more when they have fun!

[45:00] Remember, it’s not just Claudia! Claudia’s team members work their butts off making this program both parent and child friendly.

[51:15] Claudia is accepting book donations. Donating only $100 dollars will take a child through the entire program.

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