098: Healing Through Social Connection — Tom Harrison House with Jacquie Johnston-Lynch

Alcoholism and addiction is a public health issue, not a criminal issue.

Jacquie Johnston-Lynch is the Founder of The Brink, a non-alcoholic bar and support group as well as the Co-founder of Tom Harrison House, an addiction treatment center for the military; the first, and only, of its kind in the UK. Jacquie discusses why her treatment center does it a bit differently than the rest and how she’s found that healing comes most effectively through the connection and socialization with others.

Key Takeaways:

[2:30] What does the tagline, Honor, Hope, and Healing mean to Jacquie?

[4:40] The people of Liverpool love to drink, but this comes at a cost.

[6:10] The Brink is a non-alcoholic bar where everybody knows your name!

[7:40] The point of having a drink is to have a chat. The drink itself doesn’t have to be alcoholic.

[8:55] The police do not help with rehabilitation. They only catch and punish. Drinking is a public health issue, not a criminal issue.

[12:05] How does this non-alcoholic bar work?

[20:55] Jacquie no longer runs The Brink. She gave it to the community for them to take care of!

[23:45] Doing things in a community, in connection, is where effective change gets made.

[27:20] How did the Tom Harrison House get started?

[31:30] It’s sad that what Jacquie is doing is the first of its kind.

[31:55] Why did Jacquie focus solely on the military?

[38:40] How is the Tom Harrison House different from the civilian treatment centers?

[45:20] In the years that the center has been open, only 3 women have joined. Jacquie would like to look more into why women aren’t seeking treatment.

[50:05] How is the Tom Harrison House funded?

[58:35] Clearmind International, based out of Vancouver, has been a huge support system for Jacquie.

[1:00:40] What three words would Jacquie use to describe the Tom Harrison House?

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