102: Building a Connection with a Slice of Pizza — Mason Wartman with Rosa’s Fresh Pizza

The perfect example of why, and how, the pay-it-forward model works.

Mason Wartman is the owner of Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia, PA. One day, a customer came into the shop asking whether he could ‘pay it forward’ on a slice of pizza.  Mason loved the idea and incorporated this into his business model where, through the donations of others, he was feeding the homeless. Little did Mason know, this sparked a nation-wide news story and he’s gone on to appear on shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Good Morning America.

Key Takeaways:

[3:35] Who is Mason and what does pizza have to do with all of this?

[6:25] Mason has no culinary experience.

[11:35] What is Mason’s favorite story about someone giving back/receiving a free slice of pizza?

[18:55] It’s important to connect with others, even if they’re different.

[20:15] Why did Mason leave his job in Wall Street after three years?

[24:15] What has been the coolest media interview Mason has been on?

[27:55] How many post-it notes does Mason have from both customers and the homeless on his shop’s walls?

[32:25] If Mason could use 3 words to describe his giving back efforts, what words would he use?

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